Tent Tag™


A nametag, table tent and writing instrument...in one!

The Ultimate Conference Tag™ that stands on a table to save your place, clips to your shirt / jacket pocket to walk the conference floor, or hangs around your neck with our lanyard.

Just insert an UpWrite ® Dry EraseR Marker ™ or pen of choice into the back of the Tent Tag ™, insert a name card or business card...and go let people know who you are! With a dry erase marker, and a white card inserted into a sleeve, you can use as a whiteboard too!

Accommodates leading image capture apps for whiteboard note-taking, as well. Write on Tag ™. Scan with phone and save to online organizer. Erase Tag ™. Repeat.
Reuseable and Fun for all ages!

For 1-99 quantity

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