Why phaddy™️?

In a world of accessory overload, it can be tough to keep things simple and organized. In response to this overwhelming excess, we proudly introduce the phaddy™ product lines –phone caddy™️ & phatty caddy™️ - revolutionary accessories meticulously designed to streamline and elevate your daily life amidst the challenges of information & accessory overload. Bid farewell to the cumbersome juggling act of managing your phone, wallet, keys, and container for other necessities; the  phone caddy™ consolidates these essentials into one seamless, easy-to-carry solution; and  phatty caddy™️ is our proprietary container that fits into the phone caddy™️ to hold additional necessities to your phone , cards , and/or keys  

With simplicity being the ultimate sophistication, the phone caddy™ stands as a beacon of innovation and organization in the realm of daily accessories.

Unique Selling Points:

Convergence of necessities

The phone caddy™ seamlessly integrates with your daily essentials, transforming the chaotic assembly of disparate items into a unified, cohesive whole. By converging your necessities into one, the phone caddy™ ensures that you are equipped to face the demands of your day with unparalleled ease.


Elevating itself beyond a mere accessory, the phone caddy™ is a multifaceted companion. Functioning as a coupling device that holds a grip, stand, storage container (ie phatty caddy™️ ), ID/Credit Cards, and Keys to your MagSafe or metal backed phone or case…redefining  the concept of versatility. Moreover, its compatibility with MagSafe technology adds an extra layer of convenience  


Customize with waterproof stickers (stickers sold separately)!

Slim Storage:

Beyond functionality, the phone caddy™ boasts a minimalist design that marries efficiency with style. The sleek silhouette, combined with the removable storage component, ensures that your accessories are not only easily accessible but also presented in a form that is a testament to sophistication.

Further, magnetic attachments to MagSafe and metal backed phones and cases allow users to remove phone caddy completely and store or transport separately, when desired.

Revolutionary Design:

phone caddy™️ & phatty caddy™️ designs are proprietary and featured in patents, patents pending, trademarks and copyrights.

It's the perfect phone companion.
It is a:
  1. Great Grip!
  2. Versatile Stand
  3. Car Vent Insert*
  4. Coupling Device:
Hold things to your phone like mini containers to store:
  • Toothpicks
  • Small pills/halves & mints
  • Paper and $
Instruments including:
  • Pens
  • Styluses
  • Other devices

MOQ on this website is 11. Visit Amazon to buy individual ones!

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